Positive Vibes

💎I can-I have the ability to be successful and accomplish any task in the world.
💎I will- I will start the journey towards obtaining success.
💎I Did- I accomplished my goal, utilizing my abilities and will power🙌🏾🙌🏾

To be successful, you have to think successful❣️

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A Just Because Poem

A poem just because,

They said I couldn’t,

They said I would never be,

And That I shouldn’t.

No, I was not suppose to exist,

But just because, I could not resist.

A poem I became anyways.

So, I was bored and came up with this short poem. I hope everyone is having an awesome day🙂

Instagram page: @patientlywaiting_justice

Facebook account: Justice Eunique

Link to my chapbook: Available on Amazon

About ME

Thanks for joining me!

There is no greater task than trying to cram your awesome, super magnificent, uniquely, and one of a kind life story into a few paragraphs. Please forgive me if I accidentally leave out important information that may leave any unanswered questions about myself. Oh, who I’m kidding, right? I’ll never be able to completely disclose the full value of my life without a series of published documentaries. However, Bare with me as I indulge in a brief synopsis of who I am and my purpose for creating this blog.

My name name is Justice Eunique (pronounced “unique”‘) McNear. Over the years, I have adapted to using my middle name (Eunique) as my alias, and will continue to do so on this platform. The name Eunique, further emphasizes my divine sense of unique characteristics and abilities. And I mean really, who else spells unique with an e? That alone makes me feel really special!

Informative Information:

  • Birthday: October, 25
  • Age:25
  • Birthplace: Joliet, Illinois
  • Number of siblings: 6 (2 sisters, 4 brothers)
  • Current residence: Tennessee
  • Degrees: Associatees in hospitality Management , Bachelor in Small Business Management (class of 2020)
  • Hobbies: Baking, Cooking, writing poetry, spending time with my family, and being creative.

The Purpose:

This blog is intended to advocate as an unfiltered, and faith based communications platform. We as individuals can freely express our deepest struggles in life and the uncertainty we face daily. While no two journeys are exactly alike, most of us can find commonalities and similarities within are complex stories. This platform will seek to morph together our faith in God and combine it with our inevitable life journeys to find our purpose.

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